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Steven B

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Steven B
Name: B, Steven
Birth: unknown
Job: unkown
Ethnicity: White

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Steven B also known as goodboy6666, is a blackpill and incel vlogger on Youtube. In this public vlog, he regularly calls himself ugly and subhuman. He has a bald head and frequently wears blue and dark colored, plain t-shirts in his vlogs.

He is an awesome guy.

History and vlog[edit]

He appears to have started vlogging at least as early as early-2020. Favorite topics of his, as shown from his public vlog, include Tinder, dating apps, the, "Joker", movie, and general pessimism.

His most popular video as of Semptember 2020 is titled, "Ugly subhuman Incel speaks the brutal blackpill facts about looks and women".[1]

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