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Name: Tahlia (vlogging name)
Birth: unknown
Job: Youtube Vlogger
Ethnicity: Australian, white

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Tahlia aka Vashta Nerada is an incel-sympathetic public figure and Christian vlogger/blogger from Australia.[1][2][3][4][5] She is known for praising individual incels online and being a female user of 4chan’s r9k board.[6] Sometime in 2019-2020, she began making tradcon videos about the virtues of religion and stay-at-home housewives. She then posted on social media that she was going to marry a tradcon vlogger named BrendioEEE, who she broke up with before they had a chance to meet.

She is 19-20 years old and gained many mancel orbiters from r9k postings that contained her selfies.

She is an awesome person.

Incelosphere journey[edit]


Tahlia began making public Youtube vlogs expressing discontent with her looks, particularly her face. One of her early videos about body dysmorphia became very popular video on Youtube after it was reuploaded by someone named, “BR lulz”, with the title, Female incel : On lookism and being ugly, which was not the original title.

In her early vlogs, Tahlia also sympathized with incels quite a bit. In one video, she called members of the anti-incel board inceltears, “faggots”, for being mean to incels. In these early vlogs, she mentioned her favorite fictional character was Quasimodo, the Disney character known for his ugly looks.

Incel baiting arc[edit]

She began giving heavy attention to the conservative incel vlogger named, “Virgin Messiah”, to the point of creating a tribute Youtube channel for him. She eventually got bored of this and then moved onto giving another conservative incel vlogger attention, named, “Just James”. This was before Just James blew-up in popularity on Youtube. James later made a video where he said he felt he was being led on by Tahlia and expressed general discontent with having engaged with her.

Tradcon arc[edit]

In the late 2010s, Tahlia started talking to a Los Angeles based incel vlogger. The vlogger’s name was BrendioEEE and was also known for traditionalist beliefs and 4chan-language usage.

After the Just James drama, Tahlia publicly swore she would never advertise herself on the internet again. Not long afterward, both Tahlia and BrendioEEE very publicly advertised that they were dating each other online. Tahlia then created a Twitter full of satirically heavy-handed religious symbolism and announced her plans to become a housewife.

This marked the beginning of Tahlia’s tradcon arc. Her Youtube vlogs became more cooking oriented and LARPY, and she began touting spousal submission to husbands, and various other male tradcon bait. Which Brendio bit hard. The two had a public romance on Youtube, but it never materialized IRL, which BrendioEEE blamed on the 2020 COVID-19 flu and associated travel restrictions.

There was apparently much drama in this e-relationship which is mostly just incel gossip, so we will not relay it, as it might be false.

After the two broke up, BrendioEEE made a big deal about it on Youtube, trying to woo her back, usually with front-facing selfie vlogs and doing things such as making male model poses.

Peasant reaction[edit]

After a while, the ex-incel vlogger, “Grotesque Subhuman”, began engaging in crab bucket behaviour by stating on his vlogs that, “It’s over”, (ie that one should give up dating) for BrendioEEE given his age, alleged lack of previous relationships, and alleged failed opportunities.

Grotesque had previously praised Tahlia as a positive and nice person.

Vlog themes[edit]

Tahlia does still vlog. She has had an array of different Youtube channels over the years, due to deleting channels whenever she feels under the weather. Common themes of her vlogs include: cooking, suicidality, parental issues, mental hospitals, self-harm, incels, her favorite vloggers, religion, and traditionalism. The last videos before she deletes a channel are typically related to suicidality and apologies for being herself.

She is generally very nice and pleasant towards everyone. She also tends to create drama in the incelosphere, although not maliciously.


Tahlia is a notable user of R9k, a misogynist, alt-right, hikikomori board. She used it to the point that some have accused her of sockpuppeting as Tahlia fans or haters.


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