The Blackpill (Art Piece)

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The blackpill is a finished film documentary art piece describing social trends like social media, the modern dating scene and various other topics including demographics.

The movie is owned, produced, written, and directed by jet112.


The documentary was produced in Blender (a 3D production suite). To compensate for the lack of budget the director decided to rely on original 3D and 2D effects to create parts of the film. Since there was no budget, the director relied on visual scenes with royalty-free music and footage (which are credited in the final shot). The documentary is structured in a way that one topic will relate to another, and footage events relate somewhat to the commentary as well. The movie is set to be the first community project of its kind, borrowing talent from various parts of the Incelosphere.

The movie has themes from several different artistic mediums including video games, TV style cinema and other mockumentaries. the intention is to capture the audience attention.

Early info[edit]

the movie will focus on the blackpill, the core philosophy of the incel community. unlike other incel documentaries, for the first time ever- it will focus on the broader picture and the origins of inceldom


The piece was made using Creative Commons material, making it particularly law abiding.

Publicity & Distribution[edit]

In mid 2019 a trailer for the documentary came out on twitter, another sneak peak was released on



It features William as the narrator, Steve Hoca, and an interview with Loktar.

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