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The Incel Project (Podcast), or incel, is a podcast started in mid-2019 by Naama Kates devoted to the personal stories of various incels.


In a podcast, the podcast’s creator says the the extreme incels do not define all of them. She also was very sympathetic to incels in an interview with Honey Badger Radio.

She has stated that she thinks people need meaningful relationships, which at least in 2019, is a not a particularly feminist thing to say, and is possibly the angle that those most people sympathetic to incels have.

She has also stated that women are indeed the sexual selectors in humans and that more people need to acknowledge that. She also points out that the MSM representation of incels has been incredibly skewed and irresponsible.

Problematic language

The trailer for the podcast contained some harmful and false tropes about incels, including:

  • incels being relegated to the dark web (false, no incel community have been forced to the dark web)
  • incels becoming desperate due to alleged deplatforming (false, the deplatforming has been mild and inneffective)
  • incels as a singular community (false)
  • incel forums as a provocation of real mass violence (false, no incel mass murderers came from incel forums)


Naama is an anti-authoritarian, anti-collectivist Democrat. She is also allegedly a disaffected feminist and a Jordan Peterson fan.


The podcast got some attention on iTunes, and has 27k+ listeners in only two weeks. It has been featured on the NY Times[1] and channel 4 UK.


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