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The Jolly Heretic aka Edward Dutton is a South Park conservative, proto-alt-rightist, Youtuber, and the author of How to Judge People by What They Look Like, a book about physiognomy.

He holds degrees in theology and religious studies and has perfected the art of turning tiny effect sizes into a compelling story and telling it in an entertaining manner.

Jolly Heretic and incels[edit]

Edward has made a number of videos wherein he blames inceldom on the sexual revolution and the destruction of monogamy, similar to Jordan Peterson, Angela Nagle, and Roger Devlin.

He also had made a number of observations about social dynamics that incel wiki writers and admins have found interesting. On his YouTube channel he has presented a couple of hypotheses explaining the incel phenomenon. Unfortunately, his main video on incels appears to have fallen victim to censorship. Some have hypothesized he has recently found studies via the Scientific Blackpill because of certain content in certain recent videos, although it is possible he didn't.


  • Centrists reproducing less is causing political polarization due to political tendencies being partially heritable.
  • Modern society is currently experiencing substantial dysgenics, especially in terms of lowering IQ. He claims this dysgenics is part of a cycle of civilizations, like the writer Oswald Spengler's cyclical view of history, in which civilizations rise from barbarism and achieve a civilized state, partly due to eugenic selection pressures. When the civilization can become so prosperous that the upper-classes become increasingly decadent and refuse to reproduce, he claims it eventually collapses due to a combination of maladaptive genes rising in the population (leading to maladaptive cultural movements and ideas), collapsing birth rates, and foreign invasion from more ethnocentric groups. He ultimately shies away from advocating eugenics as a possible solution to supposed secular genetic decline in general intelligence.
  • Many people with progressive political beliefs are genetic mutants (what he calls 'spiteful mutants'), which he says explains their opposition to instinctive human behaviors like ethnocentrism and following traditional, group-based religions. He cites high mutational load as one of the main reasons for the unpleasant physical appearance of many of these activists. Following his college Michael Woodley of Menie’s Social Epistatis Amplification theory, he stated that many of these progressives reach positions of cultural influence and alter the behavior of non-mutants, causing the non-mutants to adopt what he claims are maladaptive cultural practices and beliefs, like atheism, multiculturalism, anti-natalism, and globalism.
  • Group selection exists, and therefore ethnocentrism is an evolutionarily adaptive human trait. Dutton cites computer models that found that ethnocentric groups always prevail in group conflicts against humanitarians (those that co-operate with everyone, even those not of their group), as the ethnocentrics are apparently more effective at suppressing 'free riders' who leech off the group's resources, betray the group and otherwise undermine group cohesion.
  • People invest more resources, care, and generally like and befriend those who are genetically similar to themselves (Frank Salter's genetic similarity theory). He claims this explains ethnocentric behavior, but it also apparently applies across races, as he cites research that finds that among interracial couples, the members of these couples are generally more homogenous in terms of personality than is found among monoracial couplings.
  • BLM is a religious revival movement, (Richard Spencer also specifies it as a Christian revivalist movement specifically.)
  • Left handedness is associated with homosexuality (the recurrence with which he brings this up has become a running joke in the alt-right), autism, atheism, and higher overall mutational load. Dutton is left-handed himself.
  • Intelligent people like classical music more than other people.
  • Being very high IQ (genius level, or above around 150+) predisposes one to have a 'rotten life.'
  • British comedy isn't funny anymore.
  • English men are unbelievably attractive to foreign women.


Edward was a regular guest on Richard Spencer's Radix Youtube show before it was banned from Youtube. Like the rest of Radix, he has stated support for single payer health insurance, stating paraphrased "the only time I become sort of left-wing is when I look at America, where you see toothless, just toothless people [...] it reminds me of Britain before the NHS". Unlike Richard Spencer, Edward preferred Trump to Biden in the 2020 election. Edward called Biden 'senile and unpredictable', which is absolutely his legal right to do so. (fun unrelated fact, did you know that a right-wing old boomer is tryna put Fredrick Brennan in jail for calling him senile?)

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