The decline of monogamy created incels

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The decline of monogamy created incels is a tradcon meme about how incels exist. The theory is highly exaggerated, and quite likely mostly false as it is pretty much only applicable to older marcels. It’s possible that pre-marital nonmonogamy has worsened (note: not created) inceldom, however this is hard if not impossible to measure given pre-marital relationships have always been unregulated.

Possible meanings[edit]

If by “decline of monogamy”, they mean less marriage in general, the theory is still mostly false because studies show there was a large amount of young adult incels prior to the sexual revolution, just as there is today.[1] If they mean, “more pre-marital female promiscuity created incels”, they again ignore the fact that there were tons of incels back when women weren’t promiscuous.

It may be true that a, “decline in monogamous marriages lasting long”, worsened inceldom for marcels. However, 99.9% of incels on incel forums aren’t married and are teenagers or young adults, and thus this is mostly irrelevant to their current situation.

The logic of this theory[edit]

  1. Monogamy is sexual socialism
  2. Destroying monogamy unleashes natural female promiscuity
  3. Promiscuity encourages women to seek high-status men
  4. Women are no longer interested in low-status men

Problems with this theory[edit]

There’s a number of flaws in this logic. One is that ignores the empirical fact that female promiscuity is contextual to societal norms. For example, if there was a society that encouraged polyandry, then this logic tree would not make sense and incels would benfit from a decline in monogamy. Or if women were encouraged to seek low status men, incels would also benefit from a decline in monogamy. Or if incels were given sexual purchasing power, through money or resources, they would also benefit from a decline in monogamy.

Tradon looks theory proponents often say that Tinder is, “proof a decline in monogamy is causing incel promoting promiscuity and lookism”. However, they are ignoring that people also get dates on seekingarrangements, where you can purchase women regardless of looks, and Facebook exists, where you need more than just looks.

Wealth inequality and monogamy[edit]

Uglycels sometimes propose making society extremely poor in order to force women to be monogamous with men. The logic of this is dubious, but this is a common talk point nowadays.

Average or good looking poorcels are not happy with this. They sometimes propose creating wealth equality, rather than making society poorer. Average or good looking poorcels also often propose female promiscuity as only their money is in the way of their success.

These two positions create conflict.

Forced pre-marital relationships[edit]

Additionally, outside forced relationships before marriage, women aren’t going to just settle for incels before marriage, as marriage occurs later in life. So a more accurate theory that tradcons could propose would be, “the decline of pre-marital forced relationships encouraged incels”, to the extent those types of forced relationships existed in certain places.

And such forced relationships would probably be undesirable for men, as in the past brutal violence was used not just against women, but also men, to place them in forced relationships.


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