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The Thot audit was a meme (and largely empty) proposal to report online sex workers to the FBI and/or IRS for tax avoidance, particularly those women operating, "Premium adult snapchat accounts". The term is largely attributed to a chad (ie not incel), muscle-bound Facebook user named David Wu.[1][2] Contrary to media narrative neither David Wu, nor the popularizers of the meme had any association to incel forums nor was there much evidence that they were incel. Thus with the Thot Audit story, we saw narratives about incels made out of thin-air, as the main people behind ThotAudit were chads on Facebook, pick-up-artists, and people who are critical of women of every celibacy status..

Incel Forums[edit]

The incel forum reaction to the Thot Audit (which originated on Facebook) was positive on some forums, for example, however there was really no actual organizing of reporting anyone on, or if there was it would have been just posturing.


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