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A Tommy is a very good looking and sexually successful Italian man. Tommy is the Italian equivalent of chad and is used on Italian incel forums and the Redpillatore Italian manosphere blog.


according to Redpillatore, the italian Tommy has an atlanto-mediterranid phenotype while the typical american Chad is nord-Cromagnoid, consequently the Tommy is less masculine than Chad and more leptomorphic.

Disputes over the italian translation of "Chad"[edit]

On the italian chan diochan, the term Giggino is used as Italian equivalent of chad.

Varg, one of the administrators of, strongly opposes the use of this term because it reminds him the Italian politician Luigi di Maio, which isn't a very attractive man. The owner of the Redpillatore blog agreed with Varg saying that <<Giggino is the opposite of virility>>.

Wizard, another administrator of, said instead that Tommy is a <<a completely invented term without any relevant bibliographic evidence>>, and he encourages the use of Giggino because it's <<widely used for a long time on the most important italian chan diochan>>.

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