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Toxic masculinity is a label for exaggerated, societally unproductive displays of violence, status seeking, antisociability, and other forms of aggression. In other words, when male intra-sexual competition becomes maladaptive to society. Men are toxic masculine because women are sexually attracted to it. Those who campaign against toxic masculinity the most vocally today also ridicule men for not being able to compete to secure sexual intimacy efficiently. This is odd as the main reason men are toxic masculine is because of this competition for women.

The term can be applied to women. Notably toxic masculine women include Aileen Wuornos and Jane Toppan.

PUAs are vocal proponents of real or simulated toxic masculinity.

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Female sexuality is capitalist; the hypergamy of women guarantees the winner-take-all distribution that reinforces the ruthless pursuit of resources by men. As women favor men with wealth, power, and success, so does the economy, and the more natural female sexual preference is celebrated and defended the more capitalist and toxic society and men will be to meet women's sexual desires.[1]

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