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A transcel is a transgender person who is experiencing the state of inceldom.

Transceldom is not necessarily a result of nonredamancy. It can be a temporary condition during the gender transitioning stage due to bottom surgery being messy.

It isn't hard for trans women to find cis men to date, as there exists a common fetish among cis men for trans women. To qualify as a trans female transcel, one would usually have to be very poor-passing, known in trans communities as a 'hon'.


A lot of trans women hold a deep grudge for people born with a vagina. These folks are known as baeddels: trans lesbians who only date other trans lesbians because 'everyone else is bent onto their destruction'. Baeddels often treat cis men rather nicely on the possibility that they are 'eggs' i.e. trans people in denial or closeted and still not transitioning yet.

Attempting to "egg-hatch" unsuspecting people is a known transcel practice that has led to great controversy in LGBT circles.


Main article: Transmaxxing

Transmaxxing (sometimes referred to as the 'pinkpill') is similar to 'egg-hatching', except the goal of transmaxxing is to transition mancels to trans females, rather than just transition people who are in in the closet. People who push transmaxxing (sometimes called 'pinkpillers'), often gain sexual gratification from getting a mancel to transition to trans female.


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