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The Trophy Husband Phenomena is relatively new, found primarily in western and asian countries.


Unlike like the “Trophy Wife” phenomena, this one isn’t related to money grabbing & shady contracts. matter of fact the “Trophy Husband” phenomena is vastly different than the latter. The trophy husband is usually average to good looking, and is very popular in some particular circles. the most common aspect of this phenomena is that the husband works a “creative job” that brings meager sums of money. A trophy husband might be a fashion model, a guitar player or a film producer. and in some cases he might be a poet, a photographer or a painter. the wife in question will usually supplement the financial side of the relationship through a stable career, while keeping the prestige of having an “artsy” husband. some people refer to these as 'Instagram relationships' because its meant to portray something that doesn’t really exists

Sugar Mommy[edit]

Middle class woman know they can’t have it all. so they rather take a loss when it comes to finances, but get the prestige and admiration of having a creative husband.

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