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Name: Vvs
Birth: unknown
Job: vlogger/?
Ethnicity: Black

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

VVS is youtuber and a content producer of various topic relating to inceldom and TFL. He is also a member of the black incelosphere.

Personal Life[edit]

VVS is a relatively young incel, he is currently 20 years of age. Despite his current statues he admits to being able to have relationships while in high school, though he credits that to his height, being over 6" tall. He has said that after leaving high school he has not been able to find a romantic partner.

Anti-PUA Sentiment[edit]

VVS is known to be the frontman for the anti-PUA talks in 2019.

Interviews,Livestreams and Community Involvement[edit]

VVS is known to produce quality content and interviews. he collaborated with Steve Hoca and HeedandSucceed in the past.

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