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The vagina is a bodily orifice (euphemism for hole) which is possessed by female vertebrates. Among humans this hole is used for 3 things; (a) giving birth, (b) shedding menstrual waste once a month, (c) pleasuring oneself as a leisure activity. This self-pleasuring aspect was traditionally carried out by a spouse, but increasingly women engage in self-pleasure through ever more sophisticated toys such as dildos. 21st century women have started a trend whereby they have weaponized the vagina by overvaluing it, by getting free dinners, through the pussy pass and by threats of false vag-related accusations.

Some incels claim women can pee out the vagina, but this is unsubstantiated by research.


Tatyana Stanislavovna Kozhevnikova (Russian: Татья́на Станисла́вовна Коже́вникова) is a Russian gymnast notable for lifting weights using her vagina.[1][2][3] According to several reports, she has systematically strengthened her vaginal muscles doing kegel exercises to the point where she can deadlift an egg-shaped wooden object with a weight attached which weighs in total 31 pounds.[4] Kozhevnikova is a graduate of Siberian Academy of Physical Culture, a university in Omsk, Russia. She began to engage in intimate gymnastics when she accidentally read Mantak Chia's book Cultivating Female Sexual Energy.[5] There are conflicting reports whether this form of weight lifting has been recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records; a report in Science World Report[4] and a second report in the Huffington Post[6] suggested that it was not recognized, while a contrasting report in The Sun in March 2013 suggested that Guinness had a category for vaginal weightlifting and that Kozhevnikova was the world record holder.[1][3] She was featured in the first episode of the E4 factual series The Body Shocking Show.

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