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Vaginocapitalism is a theory by incel philosopher Alex Undersky which is argued to be the dominant economic system today. In it, sex is treated as a privilege in order to extract resources from men.


Prostitute vs vaginacapitalist


A prostitute is essentially the right of all men with more than $500. The hooker rarely withholds her affection from any particular man. A vaginocapitalist on the other hand is selective about who works for her, and just as under capitalism, work becomes a privilege and does not guarantee very much.[1]

Vaginocapitalists do not lease

According to vaginocapitalist theory, a woman never 'leases' herself to a man, she always has full control over her man, along with all other women. She never 'rents herself out'. Today, in vaginocapitalism, a woman is never the property of any man, she instead always dictates the conditions of sex, in return for male work.

Vaginocapitalists make millions without doing anything

Women often sell their sex under a number of different ruses designed to get men to work for them. They may put out pictures on social media describing a love of travel, of business, or a number of fairly normal activities, scantily clad. The underlying message being that if you give the woman these things, you might have a shot at putting your penis inside of her vagina.

In Modern Society

Sites such as OnlyFans, Patreon, and Twitch are allegedly used by vagino-capitalists for profit. And while this is not always the case as some women may accidentally lead men to create para-social relationships with them, some often will market themselves to simps purely for profit.

Some vaginocapitalist theorists still suggest that no "sex workers" are true vaginocapitalists, but petty vaginocapitalists, as they lease themselves to some degree and thus give up some agency a true vaginocapitalist does not.


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