Walter M. Gallichan

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Walter M. Gallichan
Name: Gallichan, Walter M.
Birth: 1861
Death: November 27, 1946
Ethnicity: British

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Walter M. Gallichan was a British journalist born on the Isle of Jersey in 1861. He was also a prolific author of 37 fictional and non-fiction works on myriad topics such as personal relationships, ornithology, sports, eugenics, feminism, and the history of Spain, one of his works being a history of the Spanish city of Cordoba, once the main power center of the Islamic Umayyad Caliphate.[1]

He wrote a book entitled The Great Unmarried that examined the causes of celibacy, including involuntary celibacy. In it, he portrayed “involuntary celibacy” as a issue facing men of the professional classes in the era due to heightened competition in those fields and a high cost of living, but he viewed the phenomena as chiefly affecting what he describes as a “vast number of involuntarily celibate women doomed to a lonely, loveless existence and the negation of the right to motherhood”. He also claims in the book that the majority of soldiers were involuntary celibates.

Gallichan was married three times and divorced twice, and his works are obscure and not widely read. He is mainly remembered in contemporary times as an early pioneer of sexual education.

Other Work[edit]

Other books of his contained strong anti-feminist themes, with provocative titles such as Modern Woman and How to Manage Her, and Sexual Apathy and Coldness in Women. He also authored a book on eugenics entitled The Sterilization of the Unfit. Gallichan advocated in the book (and in many of his writings) for the permanent sterilization of the “mentally degenerate”.

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