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War paint, makeup or fakeup is used by women to date above their looksmatch. Traditionally, makeup had only been used as an identifier during war, and was associated with raping and pillaging villages for resources and women. Now femoids engage in mass psychological warfare against peaceful nice guys to drain them of their resources, without giving sex in return.

Women's cosmetics[edit]

Women's sexual strategy is more passive/coy and consists in attracting men by conspicuous advertisement, whereas men's strategy is to actively seek out and compete for women. For this reason, women compete by aesthetics and use makeup. Technology and highly optimized markets amplify everything and so women's usage of cosmetics is amplified too by a vast range of products designed for this purpose.

Men's cosmetics[edit]

Men who use makeup are easily regarded as gay or trans because attracting a partner by looks is a more feminine activity, even though looks matter for both sexes. Men might also become envious of men evading their way of competing for women by aesthetics, especially in highly utilitarian modern societies, where men rather invest in competence than beautifying themselves.

Ugly and autistic incels in particular perceive the increasing competition in male aesthetics attraction unfair because this does not cater to their strengths and also produces no economic value. It is perceived as a narcissistic, selfish and superficial way of competing.

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