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Name: Alien, Wendy
Birth: unknown
Job: NEET/chad chaser (probably)
Ethnicity: ?

By including this public figure on this wiki, we are not necessarily implying they are incel (involuntarily celibate) or are in any way associated with incels. Furthermore, with regards to any actual incels listed on this wiki, inceldom is a life circumstance, not an insult or a movement/community.

Wendyalien is a 23 year old sarcastic, gender essentialist, youtube addict known for religiously commenting on the vlogs of a few incels. She is somewhat between an incel groupie and an asshole, possibly both at once. She appears to suffer from severe white girl syndrome.

Her spirit animal is a drunk porcupine.


She vlogs herself, mostly doing a mentally ill schtick, or interviewing the mentally ill, although she took down most of her videos. One example of her Youtube vlogging is when she filmed herself purposefully stumbling around her room and whacking her belt up against a wall. shes too shy to make any more vlogs but if you want to give her suggestions for youtube vids you can dm her at instagram.com/naomisexbot

Abuse of incels[edit]

She tries to form fake friendship with incels, and then remove herself from their lives in the most hurtful way possible, and then will call you "gay" for pointing it out. She also is relentlessly dishonest and mean to incels. Nonetheless she is also obsessed with incels and has positive things to say about them.


She interviews eccentrics on the city streets.

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