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The Incel Wiki does not subscribe to any pills. Incels are not a movement and hence do not have a belief system.

The term whitepill describes an ideology based on the maximization of happiness of an individual, by acceptance of his situation. It is the stoicist and ascetic abrogation (or supplementation) of the blackpill. An incel who took the whitepill is sometimes called stoicel. The whitepill can also simply be complementary to the blackpill without necessarily supplanting or superseding it. Since whitepillers are stoics and ascetics, the burdensome nature of inceldom becomes lessened. While the term has existed for some time, SergeantIncel has been the first person to properly define and include a thorough explanation of the pill.[1][2][3]

Just like how many Redpillers often associate themselves more with the Blackpill, many Purplepillers often associate themselves more with the Whitepill ideology,

On Dec. 18th, whitepill.org[4] was created as a blog exploring the concept in depth.

Core Points

  • Understanding and acceptance of the social dynamics of society in the 21st century.
  • Acceptance and minimization of sexual and romantic desires.
  • Seeking of a restructure of oneself through the rediscovery of purpose (knowledge, looksmaxxing, hobbies, etc).
  • Knowing that suffering can inspire great change, and the reforming or revolution of modern society (this overlaps with many purplepill ideals)


Although outsiders are happy when incels (or any other depressed demographic) take the whitepill, the very fact that people take the whitepill is indicative of the unconstructive nature of that given society. When society says “go ahead and take the whitepill” it is essentially saying “suffering in silence is okay”. Because that is what the whitepill is; you manage to tolerate suffering in silence due to stoicism and ascetism.

If an involuntary celibate turns their whitepill belief (i.e. the acceptance of their social position; stoicism) into action (such as aloofness to the dating scene), then they might more befittingly be regarded as a reluctant voluntary celibate (i.e. reluctant volcel). Nonetheless, there is a certain grey area, and many do not neatly fit into a specific box.

Due to the whitepill's inherent advocacy for self-assuredness, some whitepillers choose to larp as being intentionally / voluntarily celibate (volcel), when in reality they are unintentionally / involuntarily celibate.

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