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This site is by those who originally created and wrote incels.info/incels.wiki, (which was hijacked by a non-active server/domain owner) using CC licensed and original material.

The purpose of this wiki is to focus on incels and the manosphere while treating inceldom as a life circumstance and not a group/ideology/etc.

History of the wiki

Here is the chronology of the incel wikis, from oldest to newest:

  • Love-shy.com Wiki (baleeted)
  • Absolute Beginner Wiki (German, read-only, online)
  • Sluthate.com/Redpilltalk.com Wiki (baleeted)
  • Incelwiki.org (not created by incels.co)[1]
  • Incels.info
  • Incels.wiki
  • Incelwiki.com   ←   “You are here!”
    • de.incelwiki.com
    • it.incelwiki.com
    • he.incelwiki.com
    • es.incelwiki.com

In April 2020, after a dispute about the future direction of the wiki, incelwiki.com and incels.wiki split. The former rejected the pill framing, while the latter mostly buys into it.

This wiki emerged as a continuation of incels.info, a now defunct predecessor domain to incels.wiki. This site uses a backup of mostly incels.info material, and non-CC licensed material (dozens of pages and hundreds of revisions) was manually removed as most editors released on a CC license. Therefore this wiki is fully legal as it uses CC material and original material. We then built on this legal CC backup with a bunch more original material to match the scope of existing wikis. Yes, more original material!

The German version of incelwiki.com was launched on August 25, 2020 at de.incelwiki.com, the first foreign language incel wiki.


This wiki rejects pill jargon framing because it is an unhelpful and inaccurate framing of the world. We believe there is such a thing harsh truths that most don’t know about, and consider ourselves sexual realists, but the current pill jargon framing is too rooted in reactionary culture-warrior types at this point.

This wiki especially rejects internet ideologies which are sociopathic or inaccurate.

For example, we reject the bluepill, blackpill, redpill, purplepill, and other “pills”.

Detailed Explanation

Someone at incels dot wiki took the wiki hostage after he banned the guys who created, adminned, and wrote the wiki.[2][3] who are now here. He allegedly always paid for the domain, but did pretty much nothing else. For this reason, Master told other people they owned the wiki for two years (until they were banned and moved here). These other people wrote it from scratch, and wrote most of it for two years, and made up the rules, gave them the logo, registered all the users, and approved or rejected the IP edits, and designed every piece of it, and advertised it, and told Master what to echo in "LocalSettings.php", and didn’t make it about Serge’s forum (at all), and was asked if they wanted ads on it while told it was theirs by Master.

Third parties agree with the assessment of who actually created the wiki.[4]

Most meaningfully active editors were also banned from incels.wiki because they sided against “Sergeant”incel and they then registered here, which uses CC licensed and original material.


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