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Information icon.png WikiMANNia has been listed for 567 days on a “youth protection” index by state feminist authorities in Germany for criticism of feminism.[1]
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Admin: Joel Castro
Writers: unknown
State: active

WikiMANNia is the most popular Manosphere wiki as of 2021. It is a multilingual project and exists in its German language version since 2009 and the English language version since 2011.


Contents are fairly sparse on the English site about actual manosphere topics like circumcision, Paul Elam, or Mel Feit, but pages are more detailed on the German site, meaning there is room to improve on their actual manosphere topics like circumcision if IncelWiki hadn’t already done so.


Indexation due to “youth protection” by German authorities[edit]

In an act of state censorship under the guise of “youth protection”, was indexed as “harmful to young people” by the Federal Department for Media Harmful to Young Persons („Bundesprüfstelle für jugendgefährdende Medien“) on January 9, 2020.[2]

The “youth protection” is only camouflage for this state censorship, which proves the existence of state feminism in Germany.

In the application for indexing there is also hardly any mention of content harmful to minors, but all the more moral indignation (as a substitute for argumentation) was expressed. The socially critical content, especially feminism criticism, is reinterpreted as discrimination.[3]

The decision to index was made by an anonymous committee. WikiMANNia does not know the names of its judges. A legal hearing was not granted either. All constitutional customs were disregarded. These are Nazi methods, this time used by feminists against white men.

There was not even a “visual inspection”. They were simply asked in the round whether they were against criticism of feminism and then they voted unanimously for indexing.

This is easy to prove. In the explanatory text is explained: “The [name removed] applied in a letter dated December 10, 2019, to have the listed Internet offering included in the list of media harmful to young people.” The application for indexing and its justification is thus based on the contents of December 2019, but due to a change in editorial staff, the main page was completely replaced by a different text from 31.12. to 1.1. The justification in the application text with reference to the main page is therefore in vain and should have been noticed when the application was reviewed on January 9, 2020, the day of the resolution. This proves that the entire procedure is a fake. The indexing is a fraud, starting with the lack of notification of the ongoing proceedings, the failure to grant a hearing, and the blind decision-making without verification of the reasons. This fraud was perpetrated by feminists, social justice fanatics who are so fond of loud outrage at a “patriarchal” justice system that they consider misogynistic.


The consequence for being put on the index for “youth-endangering” online media is that WikiMANNia will be removed from Google’s index and anyone will be threatened who allows WikiMANNia to be talked about in his forum (this is considered punishable “advertising” for a web presence that is harmful to minors) and/or links to the German WikiMANNia on his blog.


The justification for indexing is superficial. Arbitrarily certain contents are selected and reinterpreted in the sense of the prosecution. WikiMANNia has written a point-by-point refutation. For example, a criticism of the “women’s quota” was reinterpreted as “criticism of women”, or a graphic was criticized as racist, even though there is no reference to any ethnicity in it. Moreover, these graphics are recognizably satirical and much more harmless in their style than the notorious “Muhammad cartoons”, for example, which were defended as a freedom of expression at the time, and no concerns were expressed about endangering minors.[4]

Because the subdomain was banned from Google’s index at the instigation of German authorities, the subdomain is used. Until now (September 2020) German WikiMANNia content still is found in Google under the subdomain


We demand freedom of expression also for WikiMANNia. We protest against the resumption of the “book burnings”.

The operators of WikiMANNia calls in particular on the freedom-loving American people to protest against Feminazi-Germany and to stand up for freedom of expression in Germany as well.


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