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William Costello is a blogger, public figure, and college student of evolutionary psychology who wrote a blog post on Paul Elam's blog. He was featured in episode 36 of Naama Kates' podcast on incels.

Blog post

William made a minor splash with a blog post called, "Step Your Dick Up", at Paul Elam's A Voice for Men, where he validates the suffering of incels for the first 3/4s of his essay. However, near the end he basically does tradcon dogwhistling by insinuating women working is what caused inceldom, something that has been thoroughly debunked for the ages of people in incel forums at least.

I believe that much can be done to bridge the supply and demand chasm that exists between what women want and what men are offering. We will need a more sophisticated and likely uncomfortable conversation than we are currently having.That conversation will need to grapple with uncomfortable issues like the tension between women’s success in the workplace and hypergamy. We will need to reframe the value of traditional masculinity, which has been culturally demeaned.
—William Costello on women and the workplace

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