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A witch is an ugly looking female, usually scoring less than 3/10 on the decile scale. Historically some females were ostracized as witches because they were conventionally unattractive, insane/crazy, or bore certain physical characteristics which were associated with being a witch.[1][2]

Witch vs Angel female skull

Example of woman bearing an "Angel Skull"

Angel Skull

  • Oval or round, anterior jaw shape
  • upturned nose with 120° nasolabial angle
  • Convex upper lip (philtrum)
  • Taut and projecting area under the chin (submental region)
  • Forward-grown midface and lower third (most caused by an overbite).
  • Relatively small face to neurocranium ratio
  • Nasal base seems to reach a forward apex
  • Nostril clearly visible from front due to upturned nose
  • Lips make up a larger percentage of lower third than the witch


  • Kylie Jenner.
Example of woman bearing a "Witch Skull"

Witch Skull

  • Triangle or square anterior jaw shape
  • Downturned nose with 90° nasolabial angle
  • Flat upper lip
  • Recessed and dropped area under the chin (submental region)
  • Back-grown and down midface and middle third (mostly solved by fixing an overbite)
  • Larger face to neurocranium ratio
  • Nasal base seems sunken and hollow
  • Nostrils hidden from front due to downturned nose
  • Lips make up a smaller percentage of lower third than the angel


  • Wicked Witch of the West

Attractive witch




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