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'Work on yourself' and 'improve your life' are amongst the most annoying platitudes that are spewed by normies


Working on yourself gives no indication to what your goals should be, or what the end result should look like. It's a subjective platitude made by retards.

Who works on himself the most? Probably those that can't get women. Because the only thing that indicates if you should work on yourself or not is if you have a woman by your side in the first place.

New Age Philosophy

This philosophy pushes people (especially young ones) to find themselves in the world and achieve fulfillment through 'spiritual work'. this is why so many normies travel around the world, especially to east asian countries. Hiking on mountains and giving yourself silly tattoos is somehow supposed to elevate yourself spiritually. according to the blackpill doctrine, you don't matter, your inner world doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is to be a functional human being that pays taxes. and to have a family with many children as possible.

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