Yao Ming argument

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Yao Ming

A Yao Ming argument describes an outlier in dating that does not represent the norm, which gives ugly people false hope. The term was invented on love-shy.com.

Yao Ming was the tallest player in the NBA in 2011, at 7'6". Using the example of Yao Ming to prove that most Asians are very tall would be incorrect, as he is not only taller than most Asians, but most whites, and every single other player in the NBA. The average male height in Yao Ming's native China is 5'7" (1.7 m), nearly a full two feet (0.6 m) shorter than Yao is.

Other Yao Ming arguments

By analogy, using an example of an extremely fat man with an attractive girlfriend to prove that any extremely fat man can have an attractive girlfriend is a fallacy. It is an example of drawing incorrect conclusions about a broader population from an outstanding sample.


The Yao Ming argument has historically been used by looksists to argue against anecdotal or celebrity evidence that goes against their. It is also occasionally used by other schools of thought as an argument tool.

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